Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fix hard-coded Safari search to for iPhone sold in China

If you buy iPhone in a Chinese Apple Store, the default search in Safari is hard-coded to use Unlike iPhone sold in other countries, changing region settings does not affect the search engine redirect. Now that Google has left China, searching from will give a notice to ask you to use Google Hong Kong instead, which is annoying.

Here is the fix (jailbreak required):

  1. Locate and backup this file /var/mobile/Library/Safari/SearchEngines.plist
  2. Use your favorite text editor, e.g. iFile, to change "" to  "{topLevelDomain}/search"
  3. Restart Safari if it's in background mode.


  1. worked like a charm ;) thank you

  2. Er... How do I locate that file?

  3. Hi how do you locate the file? I have jailbroken my iphone. Thanks.